What the-

This the second, and hopefully final, redraw of an old comic I first drew way back in 2003, sophomore year of high school. The first time I drew it, I think I barely had command of the pen I was using. Logically, when I wanted to publish it in the college paper in 2006, sophomore year, I decided to redraw it. This time, however, I was victim of tight deadlines and I wasn't very happy with the drawing. So finally, I gave myself one last chance to make something I might be happy with. We'll see. But for your reading enjoyment, I've linked the two older versions.
What the- (2006)
What the- (2003)


Anonymous said...

Man, that'll be one interesting band camp... Nice job :)

Your first version has a very Far Side feel to it - the second one does a little too, but not nearly as much. I like how your style has grown, but I would note that your mobster/gangster/bad guys almost look Amish in this version...

Chitty said...

They are Amish gangsters!

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't get it because I thought they were amish...
not until I saw the old ones/ read the comments

Unknown said...
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