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Erin said...

Only thirty episodes left, huh? Then you're more caught up than Monica thought! We must be at about the same point--a third of the way through Season Four. The way I figure it, I'll be caught up by about halfway through the last season... in time for the finale, at least. :)

Chitty said...

I actually have 55 episodes left, since theoretically I could be watching on Tuesday up until the premier. I am just finishing season 2...you are way ahead! But if I pace myself, I will be done by the end of February, leaving me 14 episodes to watch as they arrive!

Erin said...

Haha, pacing... oops. I just neglect my neurosciences instead. BUT IT'S SO GOOD AND THERE ARE POLAR BEARS!

Chitty said...

Pacing is a misleading term. I continue to watch in perpetual hope that there will be more polar bears.

Emily said...

oh no! no 5:00 comic? what a slacker.

Chitty said...

emily, emily, you only make them during the hour, not necessarily post them. all hours are accounted for, and will soon be scanned!

Unknown said...
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